waimarino climbing wall

The Waimarino Education Trust OSCAR programmes provide an excellent volunteer and employment opportunity, especially for the youth in our community. We hire staff from the age of 16 years, and volunteers can start at the age of 14 years. The wide range of skills and knowledge learnt through employment here at Waimarino are transferrable across almost every industry, so you’ll be set for a bright future with Waimarino as one of your first jobs.

Skills and knowledge our staff pick up include: risk management, team work, managing groups of people including young children, activity planning, initiative, outdoor skills in a high risk environment, behaviour guidance, and how to have fun in every situation while still remaining safe, effective, and efficient. We take pride in teaching our junior staff to excel in their jobs here, as we know this will lead to successful careers in the future.

Interested in working with us
Get in touch with us here: oscar@waimarinotrust.co.nz

Some words from a few former members of our staff:

Working at Waimarino constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone, trying new things I haven’t done before. The older staff really nurture you, and have always got your back. It’s flexible and works around my study and other commitments. It’s just the perfect job!
- Jaime

I enjoy guiding younger children in an outdoor environment and watching them grow. I enjoy introducing them to activities such as kayaking, rock-climbing and paddle-boarding – it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for them.
– Jack

I like being able to teach kids new skills like kayaking and rock-climbing and being able to get them excited about the outdoors.
– Rose

I love working here because I’m active, doing interesting activities everyday, and I get to help kids grow and learn about themselves and the world around them! Waimarino is a busy and exciting place to be, and the kids are so lucky to have this as their afterschool playground!
- Steph