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We believe in fostering a strong conservative safety culture with all significant risks highlighted so that they can be learned from and avoided. Below is a breakdown of our comprehensive 3 tier safety management system, designed to be user friendly, informative and in accordance
with the following legislations:

  • Health and safety at work general risk & workplace management regulations 2016
  • Health and Safety at work Adventure Activities Regulations 2016
  • Bay of Plenty Regional Navigational safety bylaw 2017.
  • Ministry of social development - approvals framework (Level 3)
  • New Zealand transport Agency – Land Transport act 1998
  • Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule [2013] (Child restraints)
  • Ministry of education – Education outside the classroom Guidelines
  • Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001
  • Waimarino is proud to be accredited with QUALWORX


We believe in fostering a strong safety culture, with a continual focus on improvement, and the prevention of notifiable events, in which all significant hazards are highlighted and minimised or eliminated.

Waimarino LTD is Qualworx Certified 

Qualmark certified Gold. account ID AQF8AA00068B 2022

Waimarino Takes our Health and safely very seriously we have a 3 tier safety management system.

Tier 1 – outlines our Key Fundamentals safety Principles

Tier 2 – Is our Safety Management Plan (SMP) this is our central document within our Safety Management System which defines our protocols and for all activities and operations within Waimarino.

Tier 3 – Is our standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Staff competencies. Hazard registers, incident reports and investigating.

See hazard registers below for download.

"A Qualworx Certification Shows That Your Organisation Has Met The Highest Standard Of Safety In The Adventure Activities Industry.''
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