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Our Story

At Waimarino Group we want to raise awareness of clean, renewable energy, to our customers, children, parents and the wider community.


At reception we have an interactive display that shows how the Waimarino Group and Education Trust work together to build a sustainable environment for our future leaders.




The Solar Panels

The Waimarino Education Trust received a very generous donation in 2019 allowing The Trust to finally complete the Solar Panel Project which has been a work in progress for many years!

The panels now offset 100% of the power requirements Waimarino Group, along with saving $6,000 - $8,000 a year from the additional power that has been generated. This power is sold back to other power users on the property. The profit from this goes back into the Education Trust, to improve facilities and programmes to educate the children in our programmes!

The interactive Solar Panel display next to reception allows all visitors to Waimarino to gain a better understanding of Solar Power, how it works, and how much power we can generate.

Waimarino Trust | After School Care | Holiday Programme Tauranga | Solar Panels

The Electric Vehicle

In 2020 this journey has continued with the additional of an Electric Vehicle to our fleet of vehicles. The Kia Niro is used daily and by all businesses within the Waimarino Group and the Education Trust. School pickups, transfers for customers, running errands, and sales meetings and staff members travelling to and from work!

This is hopefully one of many to come, with applications in place to attempt to gain funding for more electric vehicles in the future.

The Vege Patch

Our on site vegetable gardens are maintained by the children of The Education Trust, and in turn the children get to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables throughout their days here.

The children are able to learn essential life skills through growing  and taking care of their own vegetables.

Onsite we have plenty of fruit trees, including lemons, apples, fejoias, and more! These fruits are a great snack for the children's afternoon tea.

Waimarino Trust | After School Care | Holiday Programme Tauranga | Paddle

The Little Things

It's not just the bigger things that have an impact on the environment. Many little things that we do every day have a positive impact on the environment that we operate in.

Waimarino purchases high quality gear from the industry's leading companies. By purchasing top of the line equipment, we are reducing the amount of times that we need to replace this gear, as it is long lasting. When our gear does become worn or unfit for use. We send our gear to get repaired, or our skilled staff repair the equipment on site. This allows us to bring life back to gear, that could otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Throughout the Adventure Park we have Waste Stations that sort waste into food scraps, recycling, and rubbish. Our food scraps are composted on site. All recycling is sorted by Staff and then rubbish and recycling is collected by Waste Management


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