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Education is more than just textbooks and classrooms.

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It’s about creating experiences that inspire, challenge, and engage young minds. The Waimarino Education Trust offers a range of dynamic and immersive school programmes that go beyond traditional learning methods. From thrilling water adventures to team challenges, these programmes provide students with a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun in the process.

Te Tahi Kayak

One of the standout offerings from the Waimarino Education Trust is the “Te Tahi Kayak” programme. Students embark on an unforgettable journey down the picturesque waterways, learning about teamwork, navigation, and environmental conservation along the way.  The Te Tahi Programme is an introduction to basic kayaking and water safety schools with a strong focus on building water confidence while giving everything’s a go! This programme includes kayak rescues training and games as well as Adventure park activities.

Te Tahi Big Kanu

The “Te Tahi Big Kanu” programme takes collaboration to a whole new level. Students paddle together in a Kanu, fostering communication, coordination, and unity. This programme is designed to get younger students comfortable on, in and around the water. The Te Tahi Big Kanu programme features a Big Kanu boating session, games centred around water safety and teamwork, as well as activities at the adventure park. This programme is ideal for years 3-5.


SUP board Programme

For those seeking a unique challenge, the SUP Board Programme (Stand-Up Paddle boarding) offers a chance to explore waterways while mastering the art of balance. Students learn the basics for paddle boarding as will as instilling confidence and an adventurous spirit in participants, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. Our guides will provide paddle-board instructions, facilitate enjoyable SUP games, and impart water safety skills. Additionally, participants will have supervised time to explore the Adventure park. However, this programme does not include use of pedallos, kayaks or the rockwall.

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3D Team Challenge

Education meets excitement in the “3D Team Challenge.” Teams of students engage in problem-solving activities that require critical thinking, creativity, effective communication and time management skills. Students select and attempt the challenges most suited to their teams’ strengths. Each team member’s unique talents will be necessary to contribute to their team’s ultimate score. This head-to-head team competition offers an action-packed, fun-filled program with valuable learning outcomes suitable for all ages. The challenges include River activities, rock wall and land-based activities.

Te Tahiroa Kayak

The Tahiroa Programme serves as an initiation to fundamental kayaking and water safety principles, emphasizing the development of water confidence through a “give-it-a-try” approach. It includes training in kayak rescues, engaging games, and participation in Adventure park activities. Our “Te Tahiroa Kayak” is almost exactly the same as our Te Tahi programme. However, it offers students a chance to have supervised rock wall climbing sessions as well as extra time on the Adventure park activities

The Maximus

Introducing our most physically and mentally demanding program, where we’ve seamlessly merged our two most popular offerings into one incredible experience – The Maximus. This innovative program combines the Te Tahi Kayak curriculum with our dynamic 3D program. The final segment of Maximus allows participants free time to enjoy our adventure park activities. The aim of this programme is on creating an enjoyable environment for children to learn safety, develop new skills, and push the boundaries of teamwork. It provides an introductory foundation in basic kayaking and water safety principles, strongly focused on water confidence and encouraging a fearless spirit of exploration. The programme covers essential skills such as kayak rescue techniques, engaging games, and active participation in Adventure park activities. Within teams, students are challenged with thought-provoking problem-solving activities that demand critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, and adept time management skills.

The River hop or Wairoa River Safety Programme

“The River Hop” programme takes students on a true New Zealand Adventure. Walk, swim and scramble in one of New Zealand’s favourite waterless rafting river!!most of the water is diverted through a canal from hydro damned Lake McLaren, leaving the riverbed mostly dry but with some nice deep swimming pools. Communication and teamwork are crucial for this activity. Accompanied by our skilled guides, you’ll embark on an educational and secure journey along the Wairoa river. This adventure instils a sense of empowerment and encourages students to embrace risk in a safe and supportive environment. The program encompasses a guided tour of a section of the Wairoa river, complete with provided safety equipment. Additionally, participants have the option to rent a wetsuit for $10, as wetsuits are mandatory for this activity and can be rented from Waimarino.

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Park Fun day

Join us for an exhilarating Park Fun Day filled with a myriad of exciting activities. Glide along the water on kayaks and SUP boards, experience the thrill of leaping from the diving board, or race down the hydro slide. Swing like Tarzan on our Tarzan swing, or defy gravity on the UFO and Gladiator Pole. Launch your friends into the air with the BLOB, spike your way to victory in beach volleyball, and conquer the challenges of the low ropes course and rock wall. And after all the excitement, unwind in the warm pool, capping off an unforgettable day of outdoor adventure. Bring along a picnic lunch or hire one of our BBQs to make the most of your time with us. This programme does not include uses of the pedallos. This programme is only suitable for secondary schools.

Flat Water Kayak Prog

Immerse your group in a river expedition with our programme, providing an enriching journey along the Wairoa River. Commencing at the Omanawa River, you’ll be expertly guided through a scenic 7.5km section in Sea kayaks. A mid-route pause allows for a scenic lunch by the river, followed by the return paddle to Waimarino Adventure Park. This flat-water kayaking venture incorporates team-building trials that demand interdependence, adept problem-solving, sound decision-making, leadership prowess, and seamless co-operation. This programme I recommended for secondary schools only.

Big Kanu Glowworm Tour

This must do kiwi experience educates students on a natural phenomenon. Students paddle together through the Mangapapa Canyon and learn about the glowworms that reside within its walls. Embark on an educational and captivating journey as you master the fundamental art of paddling a Canadian Canoe. As part of the program, your group will delve into the intriguing realm of New Zealand’s Fungus Gnat, discovering its life cycle and its intricate role within the biological environment. The adventure continues with a guided Kanu tour across the serene expanse of Lake McLaren, followed by an enchanting exploration of the Glowworm canyon, creating a truly immersive and enlightening experience.

Education is about sparking curiosity, fostering growth, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Waimarino Education Trust’s school programmes achieve this by blending education with adventure, challenging students to step out of their comfort zones, and equipping them with skills that transcend the classroom. Whether paddling down serene waterways or solving intricate challenges, these programmes ensure that education becomes an exciting journey of discovery. Through these experiences, students not only learn about themselves but also build connections with their peers and the environment, creating a profound and lasting impact on their lives.

If any of our programmes have piqued your interest and you’re eager to book your schools next adventure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and secure your spot by booking now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at education@waimarinotrust.co.nz.
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