Waimarino After School Club’s Teriffic Mid -Winter Fiesta

On the 25th of June,  The Waimarino After School Club hosted a mid-Winter Fiesta to bring together the families, children and Staff of Waimarino for a night of celebration!

The Afterschool Club performed a skit about Te Pura- The Guardian of the Wairoa. They also sang with an audience for the first time the new Waimarino song- check it out in the video below!

Weeks of work had gone into this performance, with the children practicing their song and skit most days after school to ensure they performed their best on the day!

Following the show everyone enjoyed a dinner cooked by the Waimarino Staff with dessert made by the children from The Waimarino After School Club! To top off the night the lights were dimmed, and the dance party began! What  a way to end the evening!

A massive thanks to Liam for writing the skit and the song, and to all the staff of who helped the kids learn and master their performance!

We are already looking forward to the next one!

For more information about The Waimarino After School Club visit our website.

Waimarino After School Club

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